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【亚博全站最新网站】足协高层两难选择:承认国足是亚洲二三流 进世界杯是否增加归化
发布时间:2021-10-07 05:48:01

On October 9th, before the end of the final training camp of the National Football Association in 2020, the Chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan came to visit the class. On the one hand, he revealed that the goal of the national football team is to reach the World Cup in Qatar; on the other hand, he also admitted that the current level of the national football team is second to third-rate in Asia. That being the case, Chen Xuyuan faces a difficult choice: Should we continue to increase naturalized players?


Chen Xuyuan said, "Rationally speaking, the gap between this national team and the world-class teams is very large. Even in Asia (within the scope), we are still at the second or third-rate level. From China From the perspective of the Football Association, in terms of the goal of preparing for the national team, we certainly hope to ensure that the top 40 of the National Football Team will qualify and do our best to enter the top 12 group stage. Of course, the goal set by the National Football Association is to reach 2022 Qatar World Cup."


This remark reveals two meanings. One is to recognize the positioning of the national football team, which is currently at a second- and third-rate level in Asia. After all, the current national football ranks ninth in Asia, which is also in line with this positioning; the second is the goal of the national football team to enter Qatar in 2022 World Cup. At the second- and third-rate level in Asia, it seems impractical to enter the World Cup. After all, the Qatar World Cup has only 4.5 places in the Asian region. Faced with Japan, South Korea, and Iran, which are recognized as the top Asian teams, plus It is too difficult for the national football team to enter the World Cup against powerful enemies such as Saudi Arabia, Australia and Iraq.


It is worth noting that on the same day, Chen Xuyuan said when speaking to the national football players, “To enter the World Cup is the most lofty dream and mission of every football player. Our team uniforms have the Chinese flag printed on their chests, which represent The country is fighting. China is a big country, and Chinese football should have our own place in the world." In other words, Chen Xuyuan emphasized twice in a day that he must strive to qualify for the World Cup.


Of course, the national football ranks ninth in Asia because there is no international competition this year. This ranking reflects the national football's positioning before Li Tie took office and Lippi after class. And this year, after Jiang Guangtai and Fernando two strong naturalized players joined, the overall strength of the national football should have been greatly improved. When the current national football list was announced, some experts believed that the current national football players Level, should be able to become the first-class team in Asia.


But even so, compared to South Korea’s striker composed of European players, Japan’s lineup is all composed of European players, and Iran’s starters are mostly composed of European players. The national football team should still be at a disadvantage. In theory, it can compete with Australia and Saudi Arabia. Waiting for the team to fight, but not sure. If you want to enter the World Cup, the Football Association must do its utmost to naturalize players, especially those who can bring a qualitative change to the national football level.


Right now, Teixeira from Suning.com is recognized as a qualitative change for the national football team. Teixeira has reached the number of years set by FIFA, as long as he is successfully naturalized, he can play for the national football team. But the problem is that Teixeira's contract expires at the end of this year. According to foreign media reports, Teixeira has been lured by heavy money from West Asia giants. Suning Tesco chose to refuse and leave Teixeira. Teixeira's attitude is a bit vague. He just said that after playing this year's league, whether to stay in China is still unconclusive. It can be said that Teixeira is now also choosing. If there are better conditions to stay in China and play for the national football team, he will choose to stay, otherwise he will leave China and play in other leagues, and then let him Playing for the national football is probably very difficult.


The more critical issue is that after Chen Xuyuan took office, it was previously revealed that the National Football Association would only supplement naturalized players in individual positions. The Secretary-General of the Football Association Liu Yi also stated that there should be no more than 3-4 naturalized players. Of course, at that time, FIFA's new policy on naturalization had not yet been released. Jiang Guangtai was likely to be unable to play for the national football team. But now that the situation has changed, the national football team can continue to naturalize players. There is also a qualitative change in front of the national football team Can Chen Xuyuan insist on his previous statement?


Before this training session, Li Tie publicly refuted the rumors, saying that he had never heard of the quota of no more than 4 naturalized players. As the national football coach, Li Tie is actually an official statement. He not only represents himself, but in a certain sense. Above, it also represents the Football Association. It needs to be pointed out that after the introduction of the FIFA New Deal, the Chinese Football Association once spoke out, saying that it would actively and steadily promote naturalization in accordance with policy changes. This actually implies that it will not follow the previous standards completely, and it will not. Naturalize players on a large scale.


At present, the national football team has 4 naturalized players. If there is really a quota of 4, and then the naturalization of Teixeira, there are also Goolat who is striving for, and Alan, who is not selected this time, will the national football team exceed The upper limit? In fact, in the current national football team, the positions of Jiang Guangtai, Exon and Fernando are relatively stable, while the position of Li Ke is not stable. He once failed Li Tie’s second training camp, and also in Lippi era. Zeng almost didn't make the list. If you really want to add Teixeira to the team, the national football team can completely recruit the best in the competition of naturalized players. It is foreseeable that from the perspective of Chen Xuyuan, as the chairman of the Football Association, he really wants to enter the World Cup. Faced with a new opportunity like Teixeira, facing the new situation of the National Football Team entering the World Cup, Chen Xuyuan should fully promote Teixeira’s return.化. Of course, the naturalization of a new player requires a lot of cooperation and coordination, and the Football Association can only do its own destiny. To


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