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Tiger Fight, September 24th. In an interview with the World Sports Daily, Barcelona’s presidential candidate Lluís Fernández Alá said: “The future of Barcelona must rely on La Masia. Our plan is linked to the youth training. Mann’s decision on Phuket was wrong. Our coach choice will be Piminta (B team coach).


"I'm a Barcelona member, a Barcelona person, someone who puts Barcelona in his heart. The one who decided to take action and participate in the election when I saw Barcelona go with the crowd. A businessman from Sant Cugat."


"Because Barcelona needs a real change. We are all innovators. We have no financial interests and no media group behind us. We are a professional team with experts in every aspect. We are very independent and very close to members. Barcelona will change back to the former Barcelona. We hope that members have the right to speak up and vote. Barcelona should unite, we cannot always fight internally and engage in various isms. Barcelona always performs well when united."


"Yes, our selection is over, and we are now making adjustments and improvements. It will soon be clear that this will be a professional board of directors, with high-level management, and a prepared competition plan. ."


"We will submit the list at the end of the month. This will be a plan that is consistent with our slogan Pasió, seny y planter (passion, reason, and cultivation). We are very inclined to deliver talents to the team through La Masia. It must be done well. Starting in 2011, only Roberto, Alenia in 2016 and now Phuket have been working in this area."


"It is the youth training, it is to gain independence, it is a board of directors that is innovative, does not belong to any company, hopes not to owe anyone, and can manage work in a free manner. Since we do not promote any doctrine, we do not have Enemy. We are a candidate team that can unite our neighbors. We have a well-managed economy, increase revenue and control expenditures. The competitive aspect should be led by youth training."


“We’ve been talking to experts about this before. It’s like buying a company. You’re responsible for it from October, but if something goes badly in March, it’s the manager’s responsibility. Responsibility. But I prefer not to talk about it without knowing the specific economic situation. Under the influence of the epidemic, there should be losses later, but first we need to analyze it."


“It’s not necessary, but it’s good to have their support. We have been in contact with some of them and we know that they like our plan. These people are the benchmarks in the hearts of the Barcelona people and they are also La Masia. Benchmarks. Xavi, Puyol, Guardiola. I think they like our idea of ​​relying on the youth academy for the new plan."


"You have to try to communicate with the people around him. Guardiola has a great person by his side, and that is Estialte (member of the coaching staff). Guardiola is an incredible person. , He is paying attention to everything. But these things are confidential. All people who want to become chairman must have some names."


"It's a lot for me. I'm a person who supports limited tenure. When you give your best, you can't stay for a long time, because you will eventually be exhausted. The advantage of a long tenure is that it allows you to execute a share. Regarding future plans, our plan is to return to the training of La Masia, which will take some time."

“对我来说很多。我是一个支持有限任期的人。当您尽力而为时,您不能长时间停留,因为最终您会精疲力尽。长期任期的好手机版APP处是它可以您执行共享。关于将来的计划,我们的计划是恢复对La Masia的培训,这将需要一些时间。”

"How can there be Barcelona people who do not support Cruyff? The problem is that when you support this, it seems that you must be opposed to the other, but I can like one person's handling of one thing, and at the same time like another Dealing with another matter. For me, being a Cruyffist does not mean that I have to oppose anything. I remember Cruyff’s 5-0 as a player and also remember his coaching. It was he who made us a winning team, and then Guardiola perfected his way of playing. I am a Cruyffist and a Guardiolaist."


"I know our situation very well. Many people like our plan, but we are brand new and independent. I think we will surprise everyone with our signature. We are not that famous, but we are getting more and more Now there are Benettito, Freixa, and Fonte. Laporta hasn’t said whether he will run or not. And you don’t know the specifics. You can also become chairman with very few votes."


"Our idea is not to join forces with other people. We are different from other candidates. We seek unity. But our idea now is to win the election."


"The first is to set up rules. The six-year term cannot be unplanned and improvised. First look at the financial situation of the club, see what can be done, and see how Espai Barça is going. In terms of competition, update. Technical Secretary It’s already being processed. We’ve looked at 42 top players to see if we can sign some of them. If we have the same lineup with a 2-8 defeat, it’s impossible to implement a replacement plan. Yes. A new team must be built."


"They handled it very badly. Messi needs a winning team. For a winner like him, it is very humiliating to get a score of 2-8. This may be an accident, but there has been 0- before. 4 Liverpool, 0-3 Roma, 0-4 Paris, etc. The results of the match... this is unacceptable. He believes that the club has no clear plan and the team has lost strength, so he decided to leave."

“他们的表现非常糟糕。梅西需要一支获胜的球队。对于像他这样的赢家来说,得到2-8的分数非常丢人。这可能是个意外,但之前是0-。4利物浦,0 -3罗马,0-4巴黎,等等。比赛的结果……这是不可接受的。他认为俱乐部没有明确的计划,球队已经失去实力,所以他决定离开。”

"Yes, of course. Our team has communicated with people around him, and we have told him what any candidate would say. He should stay calm and I hope he will not make the decision to leave. There will be new ones. Chairman, he should end his career here."


"Every decision of this board of directors is wrong. Phuket is our banner. He and Fati are a very important part of our plan. He must slowly gain opportunities, such as Harvey or Ine. Star was like before. I think Koman’s decision is very bad."


"Because our plan is linked to La Masia, our coach, our choice is Garcia Piminta. He is a coach who has played an excellent season with Barcelona. He has Barcelona DNA and The tactics are very good. Bayern played very badly before Flick took office."


"We will not drive everyone away after becoming the chairman. There are excellent professionals in the club and we will listen to everyone's ideas. If he completes an excellent season and gives young people a chance, then we can't drive away. He. He can understand each other with Piminta. The problem is that you can't sign Koman on a two-year contract when there is a general election. You should let the new board of directors handle it."


"These are the things Barcelona have to do to sign players like Trincon or Pedri."


"We have had discussions with sponsors that may cooperate. We also need to look at Lotte's situation, see how they respond, and see the situation at the time. Sometimes it feels that the sponsor only gave Barcelona a little support but proposed to Barcelona Many requests, we will find someone who is very tough in handling these matters and defends the interests of the club."


"We agree that this was necessary before. Some things in our plan cannot be changed. We hope that the day of the Barcelona game can be a party, which requires the Espai Barça plan. We have to renovate the stadium and look at it. Economic conditions. We have a very innovative financing plan, and this must be done as best we can."


"I want to thank my wife for her patience. These are only once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I like constructive criticism. I know the difference between critics. At first you will feel dizzy and dizzy. Love tells me this is a unique opportunity."


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